Soundware Media carries out the integration of the different rooms of PICNIC, Dolby Atmos certified

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Madrid, Spain, July 15th , 2021 – In close collaboration with PICNIC professionals, Soundware Media has supplied and equipment integration project for five sound rooms, dedicated to audio post-production andone of the color correction rooms.

Main mixing room

The main mixing room (S1) is Dolby Atmos 9.1.6 certified, and is the first mixing room Spain that obtains this type of approval. For audio monitoring, a

combination of Genelec 8361 powered monitors, belonging to the “The Ones” series, and JBL and Crown equipment. Specifically, three Genelec 

8361 units have been used for the channels L-C-R, while the surround overhead and subwoofer channels are covered with passive speakers

JBL and Crown amplification. This room features a 32-fader Avid S6 console and ProTools software Ultimate, on an Apple Mac Pro computer with two 

HDX cards and an MTRX interface. This system It has analog and digital inputs and outputs (AES / MADI) and 192 Dante channels, which connect to

the Dolby RMU processor and with the rest of the studio rooms. At this moment it is being planned a twin room to the main mixing room (S2).

Audio editing rooms

There are two rooms for audio editing (S3 and S5), equipped with 7.1.4 and 5.1 monitoring, respectively. For these systems, Genelec 8341 monitors have been used in the frontal listening. L-C-R, Genelec 7370 subwoofers and Genelec 8330 monitors for surround channels. These two rooms

have ProTools Ultimate systems on Mac Mini, integrated into the new Thunderbolt chassis of Avid. These rooms also have the new MTRX Studio interfaces, connected to the HDX card. They are also part of the Dante network that connects the rooms to each other and allows them to share resources. For control, each of the editing rooms has a combination of Avid S1 surface and Dock.

Color room

The color room also has a powerful 5.1 audio monitoring equipment. Specifically, 5 Maga Engineering high-performance powered monitors have been 

installed ME8SA, for L-C-R and surround channels, and a ME115SNDA powered Maga Engineering subwoofer. With this powerful audio equipment, 

this room allows you to preview your work together with clients, for example, in addition to its function as a color room.

Auxiliary room

There is also an auxiliary room (S4), which is simpler, for voice-overs and small editing jobs. In this case a native ProTools Ultimate system is used 

together with a Focusrite I / O interface 18/20 and Genelec monitoring.

New Immersive Audio Needs

With the rise of IPTV and video on demand platforms, on the one hand, and on the other hand standardization of Dolby Atmos as a format and the 

advent of sound bars and other products that make life easier for users, there is an increasing demand from platforms and broadcasters for

films and series mixed with immersive audio. According to Quim Rubí, one of PICNIC's partners, “The arrival of new platforms on the scene Spanish 

Audiovisual has made all of us raise our level of demand, both technical and artistic, and in this sense, PICNIC wants to respond to this current 

market demand. Most of the platforms are beginning to bet heavily on the Dolby Atmos system, and for this reason our Dolby Atmos Home 9.1.6 

approved mixes, offers all the guarantees to meet the requirementsthat our clients may need ”. On the part of Soundware Media, Raúl Marín, 

Technical Director, said: “This project is based on the latest technologies available on the market to meet the demanding production requirements of

the new immersive audio environments ”.

About Soundware Media

Soundware Media is the sound division of Datos Media Technologies created in 2018. Professional sound is part of the company's integration services, consolidating a great quality product for its clients. A division that encompasses consulting, supply, integration and support services. A quality proposal that has the best brands in the sector.

About Picnic

Located in Boadilla del Monte (Madrid), PICNIC is a post-production center of new

creation that offers image and sound services for film, video and television. PICNIC account

with professionals with extensive experience in the sector and with state-of-the-art equipment to

work with even the most complex multichannel mixes.

Contacts for further information:

Soundware Media: Raúl Marín

Email: raul.marin@soundware.es

Teléfono: +34 91 001 89 08

Soundware Media

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28223 - Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid) Web: www.soundware.es

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