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Don’t look back! Business transformation ahead at Mobile World Congress 2018

This year MWC theme was “Creating a better future”. The Mobile industry is connecting people all around the world adding value and mobility our daily lives. Keeping up to date in trends and networking with customers and leading vendors has high priority for Danmon. Danmon Group business focus in the Nordics is to help our clients navigate into the new world of digital offerings in the mobile world of unstoppable digital transformation, inside their companies and in the surrounding society of changing consumer habits.

Mobile World Congress is the place to be if you are doing business in the mobile industry. All the big mobile players were present showcasing the newest mobile phones. As well as mobile phones, Mobile World Congress is also home to a number of innovations like flexible displays, 5G systems, the newest mobile chipsets and next-generation artificial intelligence solutions. To that plenty of apps, software, and mobile accessories, there was really something for everyone.

Innovation at its best
AI is at every ones lips these days and one of the biggest and most interesting players in the area IBM had a gigantic 2 floor high meeting facility at their football lane big booth. IBM was showcasing a winning AI Watson strategy from several well know customers who all uses Watson AI, like Migros who integrates the digital and in-store retail customer experiences, Knorr that discovers individual flavor profiles, AMBSE creates the ultimate fan experience at the Mercedes-Benz stadium, Vodafone who deploys AI for superior customer care and NASCAR that performs under any weather conditions.

Are you running a OTT service – do you care about customer experience?
If so you should read this. All most all Mobile operators is differentiating themselves and adding value to their core business with OTT services, with different monetizing models either it´s based on subscription, ad-supported or transactional business models. They keep on investing in analytics technology to try to understand their customers to reduce and avoid customer churn in a highly competitively market. Great content is equally in focus as a key performance indicator at the CxO table.

OTT mobile heatmapping.
But is great content creating happy customers by itself? For mobile operators it’s still a question on delivering high quality 3, 4 or even 5G signal coverage to the mobile phone user. It´s common to conduct road test to get knowledge about dark areas where plans for better signal quality will be developed.
A visit to Witbe´s booth (www.witbe.net ) turned out to be really interesting as they just recently launched their “On The Go” OTT monitoring solution adding further value to their extensive End User monitoring and QC portfolio.
Witbe “On The Go” are small enough to fit in a suitcase or rack inside a mobile lab van and gives Telco´s with OTT solutions the possibility to expand drive-tests to simultaneously record the devices GPS position, the network coverage quality and track the OTT services quality.
Witbe´s advanced portfolio of Robot based technology is definitely something that you have to check out.
Witbe´s solutions are user-centric. The Witbe Robot technology let you know precisely what kind of user experiences your customer haves while consuming your service. KPI´s as video quality, rebuffering, complete transaction time, VOD availability and many other parameters are shown in a overall dashboard 24x7. In other words, with Witbe´s solutions you can have an artificial customer constantly operating your service on any device, on any network all day and night with a central dashboard clearly showing deterioration on any of your KPI´s. And what is really cool…you can bench mark your service against your competitor..

Video piracy is a growing problem for all parts in the industry.
We met with Verimatrix management and discussed the challenges many operators are facing in terms of video piracy. Verimatrix is a global leader in the practical application of forensic video watermarking solutions, which enable pay-TV business models that feature high-value programming including Ultra HD (UHD)/4K, Live Sports and Early Release Window content. The company first pioneered client-side payload insertion in the video output of set-top boxes with its VideoMark solution. It has since extended its product offer with StreamMark, which performs server-side watermark insertion in digital content.


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