ROSS Ultrix 700x500
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Ross Video at CABSAT presented their latest Software Defined Router in the Ultrix Series

The Ultrix-FR5 delivers a complete router platform with integrated MultiViewers and FrameSyncs in an extremely compact 5RU chassis. The ability to modify and update functionality on the Ultrix platform is via software licenses, which means that Ultrix customers only buy what they need when they need it.

The Ultrix platform is now available in different sizes, depending on the needs of: 34 × 34 in 1RU, 72 × 72 in 2RU, 144 × 144 in 5RU, making the Ultrix Series the most compact routing and signal processing platform. Ultrix-FR5 is the ultimate router for up to 144 x 144 Video sources in 3 or 12 Gb / s format, 3072 x 3072 Audio sources, up to 24 multiviewer outputs, embedding, de-embedding.

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